Addressing a Longstanding Problem in the World of Business-Related Software Development

By | October 26, 2016

One well-kept secret in the world of software development is that many business applications boil down to the same basic thing. In a great many cases, all that a business-oriented application does is subject a store of data to some business-particular logic, with a user interface allowing for easy access. While custom projects of these kinds consume billions of dollars in investment every year, some have long suggested that there could be more cost-effective ways of achieving the same sorts of goals. Instead of putting expensive software developers to work on something so simple, the thinking goes, it might make more sense to look for ways of solving the basic problem once and for all.

In recent years, some real progress has been made along these lines. Recognizing that many business users were already only a small step away from helping with the creation of the tools they personally need, developers have sought to design and create them. The basic idea in every such case is to provide a framework through which business users can embody the logic that ultimately helps them succeed in their own specialized roles.

Kohezion Online Database (2)

The obvious place to start is with the database that lies at the heart of the average custom software project of this kind. The Kohezion Online Database does exactly that, offering a cloud-based way of storing data that is easy to set up and interface with. Moving the hosting of the system into the cloud means that users do not need to worry about maintenance and other time-consuming supporting work, instead being able to focus right from the start on their actual business challenges.

The Kohezion Online Database then adds to that foundation the ability to work with the data however might be helpful. Where the average custom business app sees software developers learning from users about the business logic that needs to be enabled, Kohezion aims at skipping over that stage entirely. Instead, users are given the ability to embody the rules and logic they already understand, but without needing to do any programming to accomplish this.

The Kohezion database, then, is targeted at resolving a longstanding problem in ways that should save many users a lot of time and money. In addition to cutting costs for companies that would otherwise have employed developers to create custom software, the system also opens up new options for others. Smaller companies, for example, will now find it possible to create and use the same kinds of apps that have previously given their larger competitors an advantage.